If there is one watch that truly represents the real spirit of Farer it would be a GMT. After all, a wayfarer, a seafarer or a farfarer is someone who travels and explores. We have combined our British design personality with the most robust Swiss build quality and precise manufacturing processes - to deliver a beautiful, but functional collection of watches that stand out in any time zone.

Lander Midnight

GMT dual time + date automatic watch with midnight blue dial and St. Venere leather strap.

The Lander Midnight is a twist on a Farer classic, with a dramatic midnight blue triple step dial and bronze detailing - to create the next Lander icon.

Lander IV

GMT dual time + date automatic watch with sea green dial and St. Venere leather strap.

The Lander IV is characterised by a unique sea green sunray triple step dial, reflecting the changing light of the day to give a real sense of life to the watch.


The GMT function dates back to 1884 when an international convention declared Greenwich, England as the ‘Mean Time’ against which the rest of the world’s time zones would be compared. The ‘local’ hour/minute hands work on 12-hour time, while the ‘dual time’ GMT hand is independently adjustable to set to any 24-hour time zone.

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The Lander GMT is characterised by a unique sea green sunray triple step dial, reflecting the changing light of the day to give a real sense of life to the watch. Framed by bold ghost white numerals that sit clearly and proudly – pushing the limits of dial design applications with 14 times micro over printing. Following them around the dial with an eye for detail you’ll discover the Super-LumiNova that precisely outlines each numeral, giving a subtle extra depth to the colour in daylight while creating functional clarity after dark.


The Oxley takes its cues from the classic influences of watchmaking, combining them in a contemporary mix with a rich matte finish to the vintage curved dial that sits as the base to the highly polished 2mm depth main numerals and markers. The statement burnt orange rhodium-plated vintage curved hands infilled with Super-LumiNova create a bold statement set against the matte dial, with sky blue colour tip on the Farer ‘A’ of the sweep second.


The Ponting’s silver sunray creates an effortlessly light backdrop to the dial, framed by a bold second track outer step in split burnt orange and navy blue to catches the eye. The main numerals area clearly placed around the dial and finished with a sky blue outline at each and every hour. The overprinting creates a subtle domed effect that catches the light to show highlights and extra depths to the colour. The main hour and minute hands are finished in rhodium-plated electric blue and infilled in Super-LumiNova, transforming the watch at night.

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Designed to be the ultimate classic case for any wrist at a size of 39.5mm diameter, 10mm depth and 20mm lugs. Crafted out of 316L high grade stainless steel and highly polished all over with a water resistance rating of 100M / 10ATM. Each watch is individually numbered, so every GMT Automatic is one of a kind.


Designed in unison with the case to compliment the refined lines, the anti-reflective boxed cased sapphire crystal domed glass gives the watch a beautiful finish, especially when viewing at an angle.


The Farer solid bronze tapered crown continues to add to these contrasts. Cast and then cut with the Farer ‘A’ it is designed to be a subtle jewel on the wrist. Over time the crown will patinate depending on the acidity of your skin and the climate you are in, creating a unique finish to your watch personal to you.

The Horological British Invasion is in full swing. Unless you’ve been intentionally shielding yourself from watch releases for the last, say, five years, you’ve certainly heard of brands like Bremont and Christopher Ward. In stature, those brands may be considered The Beatles and The Rolling Stones of this watch wave, but just like the lesser-known bands of the 1960s cultural phenomenon, there are plenty of watch brands worthy of your attention. One of the most exciting brands, in my opinion, is Farer. 
It’s unclear as to when you should stop referring to a company as a “microbrand”, but the conundrum also brings a sense of sheepish pride. Farer’s growth has been exponential in the past few years, with their command of colourful yet classy releases helping to sell out almost all of their releases cross a stream of new models and colour schemes. Here to prove their recognition now belongs beyond “micro” level are just five of their releases from the past year alone.
If Steve Zissou were to own a watch in 2022, it’d be this one. The Farer Thurso shows how a watch company can continue to evolve their looks while not straying too far from principle aesthetics of the brand.
I have a question for you: How many black dialed-dive watches do you own? The black dial, black bezel format has long been the central aesthetic for the dive watch derived from the format's intensely toolish origin story. But today, SCUBA diving has finned well beyond its military start to become a safe and exciting leisure sport. Furthermore, watches aren't even commonly used as a safety device for diving – so can't we all have a little fun?
One of the most expensive watches ever reviewed on this channel was a Patek Philippe World Timer, costing over $100,000 at the time of publication. Naturally, this is out of the budget of most watch collectors. However, a relatively new British brand is not only making waves in the watch enthusiast community with some exciting fresh takes on classic watches, but is also offering a Swiss made World Timer at a fraction of the cost of the Patek.