Servicing & Repairs

Like all precision devices, your watch needs regular service and proper care. If you would like to give your watch a service, if it has been in an accident or is faulty - our watch technicians can help.

To book a service or repair please complete the form below. We will then review your details and reply to you with how we can help, any estimated costs, timings, as well as next steps of how you can safely send your watch back to us.

Your warranty can be negatively effected if you do not service your watch at the suggested intervals stated in the manual.

NB : Your warranty does not cover the following issues :

Magnetisation of your watch movement.

Issues related to adjusting the date wheel between the hours of 9pm and 2am.

Accidental knock or drop, damage incurred.

Failure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual

Water damage caused by a failure to maintain water resistance eg crown was left out of home position

Any bracelets and straps.

If we determine a fault found is as a result of trauma, there will be a charge for the remedy of the watch and its return to you.

For GMT and Chronograph watches all hand alignment is checked prior to dispatch, therefore any subsequent re alignment will be charged if required.


Service & Repair Info