“The beauty of Farer lies in the fact that they are very different from other watches on the market today.”


“A unique look that is at once exotic and bold, like some of the rarer Universal Genèves and Gallets.”



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Hands On: Farer Paris Tonneau Watch

British watchmaker Farer is well known for doing funky things. I’m not sure if many other brands play with color the same way... Farer has made a successful run of not only offering a huge array of designs, but ones that are packed with color, character, and charm. The trend continues with the new Farer Tonneau line, which offers Farer’s take on the classic barrel-shaped case design, with a trio of predictably intriguing dials.

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I'm watching Farer - Tonneau & Chrono-Contempo Review

With the details, and the finishing, and the water resistance, I think the price is correct. These watches are really what I had hoped they'd be... and I'm looking forward to seeing more watches from Farer.

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Farer makes fun watches, and the Milan is a fun watch. It breaks away from the traditional circular watches many of us are used to. Adding on to that, it gives Farer a new case to play with. They are no stranger to releasing limited editions and new colorways as their collections mature. The Tonneau collection will undeniably be a hit with their fans as it showcases everything Farer excels at.

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New Release: Farer Chrono-Contempo Chronograph Watches

Given that this price point makes the new Chrono-Contempo more affordable than comparable options from brands such as Hamilton and Tissot, this latest release from Farer ultimately presents a rather compelling option within the landscape of mechanical chronographs, and it pairs a proven Swiss-made movement with the brand’s signature colorful design language.

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Farer Launches New Tonneau Collection

By now we’re used to Farer’s unique flavour of design. That’s to say, taking a classic archetype of a watch and playing around with colour and details to give it more than a fresh coat of paint. Usually though, that’s been tackling things like GMTs, Super Compressors, racing chronographs, a run of watches the word ‘accessible’ feels at home next to. But now the British brand is doing something I never would have expected from them: the Farer Tonneau Collection.

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Farer Introduce Chronograph Sport Titanium in Alpine Racing Colours

I’m always conscious of sounding like a broken record when I talk about Farer because without fail, I mention how they are the masters of bold colours. I could realistically point to any of their new watches from across the last two years and they’d be fun, fresh and colourful.

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Farer Lander IV 36mm Review

There is no question, if you wanted to use the Farer as the archetypal definition of a British watch, it would be an excellent choice. Its inspiration is deep and meaningful, and the character Farer has tried to inject into the design works very well. This does feel like a vintage traveller watch.

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At its price point, just under a thousand, the Aquamatic has some stiff competition... With all that said, Farer blows the competition out of the water. The Aquamatic’s closest competitor in terms of quality and attention to detail probably lies several hundred dollars north. The quality and number of fine details on the Aquamatic are astonishing, given the price.

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10 Of The Best Watch Dials Under $1,000

What makes this dial interesting is when the lights are turned off. The raised indices are executed in dark blue but what I love about this is the Super-LumiNova makes the indices appear as if they're being backlit. It's almost as if it's like a lit sign at a shopping mall.

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