Farer means to travel, to explore. As a British brand, the spirit of adventure is at the heart of the Farer ethos - our collection of watches are named after iconic explorers, vessels and locations that perfectly define the true spirit of Farer: ambition beyond the ordinary. From Dame Freya Stark, one of the greatest female adventurers of all time - to Pendine, where Sir Malcolm Campbell recorded the land speed record in 1924 - pushing boundaries is what inspires us.


Our ambition is simple: to make great watches at fair prices. Born from a love of vintage watches and a frustration at an overpriced market - in 2015, Farer set out to do things differently by creating a new watch company for the modern era. We rebuilt the model for customers to access premium quality timepieces without the markup - driven by a direct production model, combining high quality Swiss manufacture and bold design at it’s best.

Our watch collections have redefined quality, style and comfort at an affordable price for new watch enthusiasts and professional horologists alike, with a global Farer community grown through social media. We have no retailers, which means that we remove traditional industry margins and sell our British designed, Swiss made watches straight to customers at fair price for all. We talk directly with our fans every day and constantly use their feedback to refine our range and push us onto the next level.


Inspired by the halcyon era of watchmaking, when bold colours and contrasting textures were combined with the best craftsmanship. The use of colour and detail are the standout features on any Farer watch. In the heyday of watchmaking the art of the dial was as important as the movement; designers pored over the details of the dial until the individual elements combined perfectly to create statement timepieces. We spend hours crafting new colour combinations, testing materials and experimenting with contrasting finishes to develop innovative detailing reimagined for today.

Unlike many mainstream brands, we don’t hide where we make our watches. We proudly design in Britain before working closely with our Swiss manufacturing partners, Roventa-Henex, who use the very best materials and techniques to handcraft every watch. Like anything in life, there are no short cuts. The expertise of our production is reflected in the accuracy of the measurements, the rigour of testing and the flawless attention to detail at every stage.

All our watches are designed to stand the test of time, which is why every Farer watch comes with a five-year movement guarantee. For us, luxury means doing the little things well and none more so than when it comes to intricate timepieces. This is our promise to you and a 100% guarantee that we back up what we offer.